Low fat gratin or doria


Cream sauce usually calls for cream, so it is very fattening.  But I love cream sauce!  So I use non fat milk and corn starch (or flour and butter) to make cream sauce.   One of my favorite dishes is doria.  Doria is basically gratin with rice.  The cream sauce part can be used for other dishes such as salmon cream sauce for pasta.


  • non-fat milk
  • Soup bullion
  • salt and pepper
  • corn starch and water (ex. 1 tbs corn starch+1 tbs water)
  • small amount of butter (I use Smart Balance)
  • Any vegetables, meat, or seafood

  • 無脂肪牛乳
  • スープブイヨン
  • 塩、コショウ
  • 片栗粉(同量の水で溶かして置く。例=片栗粉大さじ1+水大さじ1)
  • バター少々
  • 好きな具:鶏肉、魚介類、ブロッコリ、にんじん、玉ねぎ、ほうれん草など
  1. Cook brown rice ahead.
  2. Preheat oven to 450F
  3. Stir fry vegetables and meat or seafood.
  4. Warm up milk, but not quite boiling.  Then add soup bullion, salt, pepper.  It will get saltier as the water in milk evaporates, so don’t make it too salty at this point.  You can always add more salt later.
  5. Once milk is close to boiling, turn down the stove to medium low.
  6. Add the cooked vegetables and meat or seafood.
  7. Add corn starch and water mix.  Stir for a minute and see if it thickens.  If not, add more starch and water mix.  Make sure to mix starch and water in a separate bowl first before adding to the hot milk.  I never measure, so I am not sure how much starch/water mix you will need, but I would say you need close to 1 tbs of starch for 2 cups of milk.  Once it thickens, add small amount of butter.
  8. Put cooked brown rice into a baking dish and pour cream sauce.
  9. Sprinkle panko and grated Parmesan cheese.
  10. Bake until golden brown on top.  Everything has been cooked already, so 5-10 min. would be enough.
  1. 玄米をあらかじめ炊いておく
  2. オーブンを450F(230℃)にあっためておく
  3. 牛乳を沸騰近くまであっためてからスープブイヨン、塩、コショウを追加。味を見ながら追加していきます。水分が蒸発すると味が濃くなるので、この段階ではちょっと薄めの味が良いです。
  4. 牛乳は焦げやすいので最初に沸騰近くまで持って行った後は中火以下で。
  5. 次にあらかじめ料理しておいたお肉やシーフード、野菜を追加。。
  6. 次に片栗粉をとろとろ加減を見ながら追加。良い感じにとろとろしてきたらバターを少し(2カップぐらいのソースだったら大さじ1-2杯かな)を最後に追加。
  7. 無脂肪牛乳を使っているため少量のバターでちょっとだけ味付け。
  8. これをあらかじめ炊いておいた玄米にかけ、その上にパン粉とパルメジャンチーズを振りかけます。
  9. オーブンでパン粉がちょっと茶色になる程度に焼きます。他のものはすでに火が通っていて熱いので、5-10分ぐらいで十分。
I always guess how much seasoning I need, so I dont know how much to add.  Just add little bit of bullion at a time and taste it.


Cut very small kabocha in half and bake for about 20-30 min in 400F oven.   Cook cut side down.
Once the kabocha is cooked, add brown rice and pour the cream sauce.  Follow step 9 and 10.


If you slice off the bottom of the kabocha a bit, it is more stable.

Make sure to buy small kabocha.  When you fill it with Doria, it turns out to be a lot of food.  I like kabocha for the taste, but it is also high in Vitamin A.  I also like to add spinach in the cream sauce.





Until next time…