Mashed veggies for you and your pooches


When my dog was 5 months old, I was cooking food for him.   But it turned out it was pretty tasty for us!  Now I give my dog raw meat, so I don’t cook food like this any more.


  • Old fashioned oats
  • Potato
  • carrots
  • cubed chicken breast
  • green peas

  • オートミール
  • ジャガイモ
  • 人参
  • チキン (小さめに切る)
  • グリーンピーズ
  1. Cook oats
  2. Add everything into a pot with boiling water.  Once chicken is cooked, mix with cooked oats.  It should look like mashed potato.
  1. オートミールを鍋で調理(箱の作り方を参照)
  2. オートミール以外の材料全部を沸騰したお湯に入れて茹で、茹で上がったら、野菜とオートミールを1つのボールにいれてぐちゃぐちゃに混ぜます。マッシュドポテトみたいなもの。
This recipe does not have any seasoning, so your pooch can eat it, too!

Since I don’t eat meat, I tried this without chicken and I was surprised that it was pretty good without salt, sugar or anything!  Without chicken, it is lacking protein, but it is pretty healthy.  My husband liked a lot with chicken.  For people, you can add some cheese.

You could add broccoli or celery.   It may be good to add vegetarian meatball or sausage (for me).


私はお肉を食べないのでチキンを混ぜる前にポテトミックスを食べてみると。。。意外に美味しい!塩も砂糖もなんにも調味料が入ってません。強いて言 えばタンパク質にかけているけど、とってもヘルシー。チキンを混ぜて彼に味見させたら結構気に入ってました。これにちょっとチーズなんて入れると良いか も。


Until next time…