It’s been a while…


Well, our kitchen remodel is right on schedule so far.  It is in 4th week and all the cabinets are up.  Next week, Caesarstone is coming to take a template for our counter top and then we have to wait for 1-2 weeks.  once the counter top comes, it should be pretty much done!  I can start cooking again!

In the meantime, we are going to Nijiya a lot for sushi and bento box, or restaurants near by.  Eating out a lot is definitely not good for a diet.  I always eat more than I should and food is not as healthy as I would make it.  Oh, well.  Just 2-3 more weeks…

Here is the progress so far.  So we took out a wall between a small kitchen and breakfast nook.  Well, most cabinets are up right now, but the contractor is still working in there, so I have not taken a photo, yet.
Can’t wait to make healthy snacks in our new AGA gas range!
kitchen remodel progress





Until next time…